March 16, 2016 Ulrich Krieger

In March Soundwaves welcomed saxophonist/composer Ulrich Krieger to present his massive set of pieces for tenor saxophone and electronics entitled “Universe.”It has four parts, each approximately one hour long, each using a different approach to the instrument: “ReSpace” is for saxophone-controlled feedback, “RAW” for electric saxophone and pedals, “Quantum” for amplified saxophone, and “Cosmos” for saxophone alone. The first two have been recorded for a new double-CD on the XI (eXperimental Intermedia) label, whose back catalog appears on DRAM. Krieger discussed the entire series, played excerpts from the CD, demonstrated a variety of extended saxophone techniques, performed segments from the unreleased sections, and took questions from the audience.

February 17, 2016 Judicanti Responsura

Soundwaves invited the tuba and percussion duo Judicanti Responsura to perform in February. In commemoration of Black History Month, they presented a program entitled “Beyond Congo Square: The Month of Our People,” which included percussionist Joseph Mitchell‘s “Birmingham Sunday (September 15, 1963),” a setting of Langston Hughes’ elegy for the four girls killed in an act of race terror during the height of the Civil Rights movement, and tuba player William Roper‘s “Darkest Night – Balthazar Joins the Sacred Company,” which incorporates live performance and a recorded soundscape, imagining the evening the dark-skinned King Balthazar, bearing gifts, follows a star.

January 20, 2016 Cold Blue Music


Soundwaves launched with an evening devoted to solo piano music from the Venice-based Cold Blue Music label, whose catalog appears on DRAM. Michael Jon Fink, Aron Kallay, and Jim Fox took turns on the SMPL Steinway, playing music by Fink, Fox, Peter Garland, Michael Byron, and Daniel Lentz, who was also in attendance and introduced his piece.

The program received a very nice review from Paul Muller on the New Classic LA website