June 15, 2016 Vinny Golia

In 1977, Vinny Golia released his debut album Spirits in Fellowship on his own Nine Winds label. Since then, Golia and Nine Winds have been essential elements of L.A’s musical underground, fostering and documenting the work of generations of artists. The Nine Winds catalog is now available to SMPL cardholders through DRAM.

Wednesday June 15 at 7:30 Golia brought his ensemble to SMPL for a Soundwaves performance.

Molly Pease – Vocals
Ethan Marks – Trumpets
Corey Hoeben – Trombone
Bobby Grigas – Vibraphone
Miller Wrenn – Bass
Nick Hon – Drums

Vinny Golia – Woodwinds, Composition

He explained some of the structures and techniques he uses:

Then the group played a continuous set based on several of his compositions:

Photos from this show were featured on the front page of the Santa Monica Daily Press:



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